Academic Coaching

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What is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching is not tutoring.  Tutoring most often involves remedial teaching of a subject or topic in a small group or one-on-one basis.  Academic coaching provides teaching on how to learn and how to use one's own strengths in the best way.  We teach you how to study and learn efficiently.

How does Academic Coaching work?

The Academic Coach and the student begin with observation and assessment.  The assessment helps bring out strategies and goals on what to improve and how.  After the initial assessment session, the coaching begins.  The next six sessions are one to one work on creating the strongest foundation for learning.  These sessions are part teaching and part practice.  These sessions take about 5 weeks, and include phone check-ins between sessions.  The eighth session is a "final" review to determine the next steps. Some clients want continued coaching or check-in in some form, and some do not.  We try to complete our coaching in eight sessions, but continued coaching is available.

What are the benefits of having an Academic Coach?

By having someone completely focussed on your methods and practices for learning, you get to hone and fine tune what you do.  The ultimate benefit is that you become an efficient and successful learner, more organized and able to engage your own strengths for learning. The side benefits come in the form of better grades and greater opportunities for awards and scholarships. 

How can I find out more?

You can email us your questions at info @, or call us at 604-765-6752. We will be happy to answer your quesions and help you see if an academic coach would help you or someone you know.

How do I get an Academic Coach?

Phone us and we can arrange for an initial assessment session.  Phone 604-765-6752 to set up an appointment.


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