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Tutoring can help a student with understanding, with grades, and with confidence, but we firmly believe there is a right way to do tutoring to make it truly effective.

This is our philosophy on tutoring:


People learn from imitation and from practice. With frequent, consistent imitaton and practice, anyone can master most any knowledge or skill. We encourage consistency in our tutoring practice. We work on a contracted plan of regular and consistent tutoring sessions to help you set up the most effective way to use tutoring. 3 or 4 tutoring sessions per week for a number of weeks usually provides the most effective sequence. We will have a consistent process, time, and meeting place to help with the effectiveness our time together as well.


Times that are regularly distributed are more effective than times that are scattered. With regular times and meeting places, there is less distraction and confusion, building good habits. We work hard to have regularity in our tutoring sessions for your benefit.


Learning comes much easier if the attention and activity is disciplined.We encourage disciplined activity in and out of our tutoring sessions. In a session, we will follow our process in a disciplined way, and take that discipline out of the sessions to complete the practice assignments given for the next session.


The ultimate aim is to improve, which always takes effort.  We want to help you plan out and set up a plan that helps clear the way for you to put the effort in to make your tutoring successful for you.


A number of tools make learning easier. First of which is a calendar. We will help you set up and maintain a calendar to make sure we have common understanding of dates, times, and practice assignments.

Our second tool is a phone. We will phone in a timely way if something gets int he way of a session.

The third tool is email. We will keep in regular contact through email about sessions and practice assignments.

The fourth tool is a web-based course with practice assignments and reminders. Some tutorials will make use of this tool, while others will not. This can be accessed at, but you will need to be registered to access the courses.


Our process during a session will have a check-in time to review where you are and the current priorities, a content/concept review time, a new content/concept time with practice, and a review/assignment/forward-planning time.


Out philosphy is built up from many years of teaching and tutoring. If you resonate with our philosophy, call to discuss how to go forward together.

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